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Program for plotting one-dimensional data in ASCII (general) or HDF5 format (ID02: ending on _ave.h5 or _xpcs.h5).


  • Multiple data sets can be selected and plotted.
  • Data sets recorded with two different detectors (SAXS/WAXS) can be plotted simultaneaously (distinguished by _saxs_, _waxs_ in the filename).
  • Optional background subtraction also of combined SAXS/WAXS data.
  • Two filters using (A) wildcards and (B) substring. (A) is applied only to the filenames, (B) also to available metadata. 'details' must be checked in this case.
  • The file list is not automatically updated - press 'update list' to refresh. However, metadata of files in the current directory are updated continuously in the background.
  • Different plot modes including 3D plotting of image series is available.
  • Slope determination and Guinier analyis is available from the menu.
  • Zooming, panning and saving of the graphs is possible by the buttons above the graph window.
  • Axis labels can be defined in the menu.
  • A button for averaging a list of plotted files has been added for convinience. It is not necessary any more to switch to tools1D.
  • For ASCII files it is possible to select the columns for q vector, data and error. It is also possible to plot multiple data columns using the same q vector (no error in this case).