Latest version of SAXSutilities2 (Python):

current version: 1.255 27 January 2023


  1.  download for Windows   [Windows installer, ~180MB]     

  2.  download for Linux (Debian8 and compatible)   [archive, ~160MB, just unpack and execute SAXSutilities2]

  3.  download for Linux (Ubuntu20 and compatible)  [archive, ~180MB, just unpack and execute SAXSutilities2]

Please cite this software as: Sztucki Michael. (2021). SAXSutilities: a graphical user interface for processing and analysis of Small-Angle X-ray Scattering data (1.024). Zenodo.


  licence: GPL-3.0

  version history

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  beta download (Windows - June 5th, 2024)


Discontinued SAXSutilities1 (Matlab):

current version: 4.99 29. April 2020


  1.  download for Windows   [Windows installer, ~2MB]

      you need also the Matlab 2014a runtime environment   [Windows installer, ~560MB]

  2.  download for Linux (Debian8 and compatible)   [archive, ~1.5MB, see below]

      you need also the Matlab 2013b runtime environment   [installer, ~490MB]



Installation instructions for SAXSutilities1 (Matllab) under LINUX:

  1. Download and unpack to a folder of your choice:
    > unzip

  2. Download and unzip:
    > unzip
    Then, run the MCR Installer script from the directory where you unzipped the package file by entering:
    > ./install
    Add the environment variables LD_LIBRARY_PATH and XAPPLRESDIR to your system as indicated in the last step of the installation procedure.
    Note that this has to be done only once for each new release of Matlab.

  3. Add an environment variable SAXSUTILITIESPATH to your system which points to the directory created in step 1.

  4. Start SAXSutilities from the folder created in step 1.
    You can also use a start script like:

    setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH [ indicated by MCRInstaller...]
    setenv XAPPLRESDIR [ indicated by MCRInstaller...]
    setenv SAXSUTILITIESPATH [/path/to/directory/of/SAXSutilities1]